HENSOLDT UK’s products have been helping to protect the world's coastlines thanks to the Kelvin Hughes Shore Based Sensor (SBS) radar range. With hundreds of systems commissioned and operating reliably daily in ports, along coastlines and on offshore oil and gas platforms, the SBS range is proven in any coastal and offshore surveillance environment.

These systems are able to detect even the smallest of targets such as small wooden boats and RHIBs, which maybe operating illegally including trafficking and facilitating entry into a country through remote unprotected shorelines. SBS systems are capable of detecting uncooperative low Radar Cross Section (RCS).

SharpEye™ technology, available on the Kelvin Hughes SBS-800 and SBS-900, provides even greater target detection capabilities. These systems are able to identify targets at greater distances and in the most challenging of conditions and sea states.

All systems have been designed to meet the 'Basic', 'Standard' and 'Advanced' capability types of IALA V-128 recommendation. 

HENSOLDT UK works with system integrators to determine which system best meets their needs.