Non-Coherent Radar System


  • Basic and standard capability as defined in IALA Guidelines
  • Vessel Traffic Services
  • Coastlines
  • Ports and harbours
  • Oil and gas terminals and platforms


Kelvin Hughes Surveillance radar solutions for shore based applications have been specifically developed to meet the stringent operational requirements of port, harbour and river traffic operators as well as government agencies responsible for the protection of coastal and littoral zones.

The SBS-700 system is designed to complement the SharpEye solid state radar range and utilises a magnetron transceiver.


  • 25kW X  Band transceiver
  • High efficiency FET modulator
  • Low Noise Front End
  • Local or remote control
  • Blanking Sectors
  • Built in Test

Main Benefits

  • Dual redundancy (SBS-700-2)
  • Low maintenance
  • Semi-random jitter
  • 3 video outputs available
  • Pre Pulse outputs
  • Controllable magnetron heaters

Product Impressions


HENSOLDT UK / Kelvin Hughes