On and offshore wind farms pose unique challenges and requirements. Often very tall, these structures have the potential to pose a risk to low-flying aircraft, meaning warning lights are critical. However, finding that balance of ensuring the facility meets dark sky legislation, and to conserve energy, lights only become operational when there is a risk of a collision with passing aircraft. HENSOLDT UK’s doppler radar can detect aircraft and activate these warning light systems, even in response to small airborne targets such as microlights.

The Kelvin Hughes family of radars utilises doppler processing techniques to provide information about a target even in the most challenging conditions, at sea or over land. They can determine a target’s velocity even if the target has a low Radar Cross Section (RCS). Unlike other radar systems which utilise Moving Target Ondication (MTI) and therefore do not take full advantage of the radial velocity information, HENSOLDT UK’s range uses Moving Target Detection (MTD). This provides enhanced clutter suppression at the doppler processing stage and pulse compression of the return signal, enabling a low transmit power delivering efficient use of the radar.

HENSOLDT UK continuously works with expert partners specialising in aircraft warning lights for wind turbines and farms.