HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO is the next generation of Integrated Navigation Systems (INS). Building on its strong legacy, with an unparalleled understanding of customer need, this latest innovation is the future of Kelvin Hughes INS platforms. Presenting bridge officers the best possible situational analysis and cutting edge technologies, navigators are at the heart of the design of Manta NEO.

Delivering essential information – where needed, when needed – the system brings together the data and analysis required in a user friendly manner.

The system improves communication across the bridge team, allowing data to be shared seamlessly via easy to use screens, views and menu structures. With the ability to automate routine tasks, crew workload is managed more efficiently, allowing them to focus on the safety of the vessel, its crew and cargo.

Through an easy to use and customisable console in the immediate field of view, the feature-packed, fully integrated Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO offers cutting edge innovations and technologies. It brings together new display technology and bridge advances in one safe, user-friendly, shared information system.

The Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO offers customisable displays which provide the information the crew needs, when they need it, in one system across multiple screens. This means tasks can be prioritised based on the latest data. This improved situation awareness is further enhanced with leading radar technology and full 360º degree views of the ship, bringing awareness of the operating environment at all times.

Using a standardised menu system across all displays, consistent with the latest application user interfaces, the Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO boasts an innovative ergonomic design. It enables Bridge Resource Management (BRM) procedures, including the bespoke ‘common track label’, to be viewed across all displays, giving each operator access to relevant information such as common target numbers. This reduces the risk of misunderstanding when discussing targets likely to pose a hazard, vastly improving the decision making process and, therefore, vessel, cargo and crew safety.

The Manta NEO INS incorporates high reliability solid-state drives which further boost the performance of the system. Offering unparalleled features, HENSOLDT UK is the only provider of solid-state radars approved to IEC-62388 Edition 2 via the Kelvin Hughes X and S-Band systems. Providing state of the art detection performance using enhanced doppler processing, these radars can identify and automatically track the smallest targets in the toughest conditions, including rain and sea clutter. Through the latest display technology, crew can even detect ice and other low Radar Cross Section (RCS) targets.

Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO brings together the latest in navigating technologies, from radar to bridge management. With the user at the heart of the system, visualising everything on cutting edge displays, it allows navigators to monitor progress, share data and prioritise tasks. Offering the latest automatic radar plotting aid (ARPA) for target detection, the Kelvin Hughes solid-state X and S-Band radars provide unparalleled performance with data processing and fusion.

The radar, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), conning displays, bridge alarm management and host of other capabilities, including Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) built into a single display, can be managed whilst removing optional and unnecessary items via simplified menu controls.

All radars include automatic continuous performance monitoring, connected via secure gateways, ensuring any equipment or sensor failures do not impact the critical navigation network.

This redesigned platform takes navigation back to its fundamental function – a critical collision avoidance tool.