Offering simplicity, HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes Integrated Naval Bridge Systems (INBSs) are designed to put the navigators at the centre. Access to all the critical information – including radar, Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS), and conning – essential for a safe journey is available, seamlessly integrated with all other systems aboard the vessel.

As part of this complete navigational system, features include redundant data distribution and integrated multifunctional displays with common track labelling, all via a standardised system architecture. The multifunctional displays mean crew can assess information from any display, enabling improved decision making capabilities while cutting the risk of miscommunication. This supports enhanced safety and security of a vessel via more efficient Bridge Resource Management procedures. 

These INBSs can be specified for new vessels, reducing the cost of installation, as well retrofitted to vessels already in service. Thanks to ongoing industry input the design of the INBS ensures the bridge crew see critical information in an uncluttered manner making the decision making process easier.  Full integration to shipboard combat management systems allows a full range of sensor data to be shared across the vessel.