HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes SharpEye™ submarine radar and display systems are specifically designed for submarines. Offering the same level performance as surface ship radars, they are available in downmast hull penetrating and upmast non hull-penetrating compact radar configurations. The downmast radar is 300W whilst the upmast solution is 80W.

Naval force submarine operators benefit from a feature packed solution, which includes a compact and easy to maintain design, standardised user interface, which allows easy C2 integration. As with all SharpEye™ technology, submarine navigators benefit from advance Doppler processing, allowing them to operate in the most challenging conditions, whilst still detecting the smallest of vessels.

Low peak power reduces the probability detection by Electronic Support Measures (ESM) interception during transmission compared with other radars in its class, offering superior tactical and situational awareness, which is supported by innovative radar display software and technology.