Manta NEO

Integrated Navigation System (INS)


  • by using the full screen area for presentation Manta NEO prioritises radar and ECDIS as collision avoidance tools
  • easy access to all tasks critical to navigation - radar, ECDIS, Conning Display, Bridge Alarm Management
  • secure gateways for all external applications, so that failure of equipment cannot spread across the critical navigation network
  • true multifunction display (MFD) capability
  • user-friendly and customisable display menus
  • enhanced working environment with an innovative layout
  • remote diagnostics and data analysis


HENSOLDT UK’s Kelvin Hughes Manta NEO is the next generation of Integrated Navigation Systems (INS) and brings together the latest navigation technologies, from radar to bridge management. With the user at the heart of the Manta NEO system, visualising everything on cutting-edge displays, it allows navigators to monitor progress, share data and prioritise tasks.


  • Radar / Chart Radar Mode
  • ECDIS Mode
  • Conning Mode
  • Alarm Management System Mode
  • Track Control Mode - through integration of ECDIS and external autopilot
  • integration of multiple sensors and systems on board the vessel

Main Benefits

  • Manta NEO brings together all the critical navigation sensors and data in to an easy to use, user configurable layout
  • supports navigators by providing easy access to critical data via an advanced common interface
  • Manta NEO Incorporates the Kelvin Hughes range of X and S-Band radar technology in one secure Integrated Navigation System
  • Enhanced Target Detection (ETD) enables a superior radar image of ice, debris and other objects
  • space saving and minimalistic design

Product Impressions