Naval and Coastal Services

Best performance in all life cycle phases

Every mission depends on high-performance equipment and solutions. We are your reliable partner to handle any challenge through tailor-made services, short processing times and proactive support solutions. We stand for maximum system performance and affordable life cycle costs. We understand your requirements and help you meet them efficiently.

The individual requirements for each application and each mission can be very different. We support you exactly where you need us. With services that are tailored to your demands and based on decades of comprehensive practical experience.

HENSOLDT UK can offer you customised and reliable solutions, from basic support to full performance service packages.

Lifetime support of in service equipment

HENSOLDT UK commits to support its equipment delivered as long as it is in service. To achieve the required operational availability over the entire life cycle, we consider service ability already in the design of our equipment, complemented by tailor-made support concepts and according services for you.

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Enhanced availability
  • Short repair times
  • Fast spare parts delivery

Global presence with local support

HENSOLDT UK is a global pioneer of technology and innovation in the area of defence and security electronics. To support our customers timely and efficiently all over the world, we constantly expand our global service infrastructure through a network of own and partner resources in your vicinity.

  • Support help-desk
  • Dedicated communication channels
  • Global field service and partners worldwide
  • Repair facilities
  • On-site technical assistance

Best suited equipment for your complex missions

HENSOLDT UK offers you innovative leading edge solutions to provide you best suited equipment for your complex missions. To keep your equipment fit for purpose over it´s service life, we can offer the complete portfolio of services essential to sustain or improve Serviceability and Performance.

  • Modernisation
  • Hardware and software updates and upgrades
  • Wide range of training solutions
  • Pro-active obsolescence management
  • Post-design service

Comprehensive Services Portfolio

Your support requirements depend on specific circumstances, such as the planned deployment, the use of the equipment or the logistical nature and performance of the equipment itself.

In order to meet these different requirements, HENSOLDT UK has developed a broad service portfolio. These services can be individually configured and combined into tailor-made support packages that best suit your requirements.

Whichever HENSOLDT UK service product you choose, the HENSOLDT UK global network of service centers operate to the same high standards, ensuring the same high quality service, no matter where or when your ships need service.

Support Services

  • Your needs
    • Direct Access to a support team
    • Technical support with very short reaction times to keep your systems and products in operation
    • On request technical support in the location of your systems and products
  • Our solution
    • Kelvin Hughes Services has a dedicated support team, which ensures that each customer has a prompt and efficient responses
    • We maintain a field service team, who are capable of providing technical support to all products
  • Your benefits
    • The support team provides assistance in other topics, such as new services and advanced services
    • Flexible scope of services, office hours, 2nd level technical support or 3rd level expert support
    • On-site technical support, as an on-demand or as a permanent service

Setup and Commissioning Services

  • Your needs
    • High availability and performance of your systems
    • Continuous or temporary operation in various environments
    • Controlled and verified maximum system performance
  • Our solution
    • We install your systems in a competent way on your platform
    • We set to work your systems with regard to all safety regulations
    • We commission your systems with optimal adaptation to the operating environment
  • Your benefits
    • Your systems are up and ready for operation
    • Your systems are highly available with high performance
    • Your systems are optimised for successful operation in various environments

Supply Services

  • Your needs
    • Short lead times for repairable and non-repairable spare parts
  • Our solution
    • Delivery of spare parts takes place quickly at any place in the world
  • Your benefits
    • No own storage, stocks, inventory monitoring and supplementation

Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul (MRO) Services

  • Your needs
    • High availability and performance of your systems
    • Continuous or temporary operation in various environments
    • Controlled and verified maximum system performance
  • Our solution

    In case of unexpected system failures either operative or technical the following measures can get your system available and operational again:

    • Maintenance and repair (on-site) on short notice
    • Corrective maintenance and repair (in-house)
    • Overhaul to secure and improve performance of the system
    • Availability of spare parts
  • Your benefits
    • High availability and reliability of your systems
    • Verified and adjusted performance of your systems
    • Supported longevity of your systems

Documentation Services

  • Your needs
    • Technical Documentation to operate and maintain your systems in a safe and efficient way
    • Spare Parts Documentation to ensure spare parts availability
  • Our solution
    • Preparation of all technical information and data of the delivered system. This covers technical manuals for operators, maintainers
    • Documentation complies with applicable law including safety instructions
    • PDF is the standard format for technical documentation
  • Your benefits
    • Ensures an efficient and safe system operation
    • System availability based on described maintenance tasks and spare parts catalogue
    • Sustainable investment i.e. flexible publishing process supporting various formats
    • Baseline for post design services

Training Services

  • Your needs
    • Skilled personnel to operate and maintain your system in a safe and efficient way
    • Enhance skills of your personnel to increase the availability of your system (reduce MTTR)
  • Our solution
    • Provisioning of target group oriented Training for operators, maintainers and administrators which can also be customized to specific needs
    • Training service ranges from basic technology training through to special solutions for refresher and follow-on Training and coaching
    • Focusing on hands-on lessons on the system
  • Your benefits
    • Ensure an efficient and safe system operation. Secure investment by proper maintenance of your system
    • Increased system availability based on qualified personnel